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24 Hour Electrician - Professional & Prompt Service
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02 Aug, 2021
Posted by Watts Next Electrical
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10 things your electrician wishes you knew

There are certainly some things I wish you knew – for your own benefit. Throughout my years as an electrician, I’ve witnessed my fair share of common mistakes, abandoned DIY attempts and dangerous assumptions from customers. 

A fully qualified and reliable electrician has had years of experience in the industry and can provide valuable tips to help save you money and keep your household safe from electrical hazards. 

So, before you attempt a DIY lighting upgrade or delay having those flickering lights fixed, here are 10 things your electrician wishes you knew.

1. DIY is never worth the safety risk 

Firstly, if you are relatively skilled at a range of repairs, carrying out your own electrical work can be tempting. However, as an electrician who has witnessed many failed or unfinished DIY attempts, I suggest first asking yourself; is the possibility of saving a bit of money really worth the extra time, stress and safety risk? Electrical work can be inherently dangerous if you are not trained on the specifics, and a simple mistake can lead to electrocution or can even cause an electrical fire. Based on past experience, my team believes DIY for even simple electrical tasks is simply not worth the risk.

2. Household fires are more common than you think 

It is a common misconception that household fires are rare, that there will be plenty of time to escape, that the smoke alarm will always go off in time and that “it will never happen to me!”  According to Fire & Rescue NSW, fire and rescue services respond to 4500 residential fires each year, with electrical appliances and faults causing up to 40% of household fires. From an electricians perspective, the key message is to never underestimate the importance of electrical safety. Ensure you have your smoke alarms in working order and that they comply with NSW’s latest Smoke Alarm Standards. 

3. Genuine electricians offer lifetime warranties

As electricians, we have undergone years of supervised training and education to be able to complete complex tasks. The tasks are often dangerous and can leave an untrained individual at risk of electrocution. An electrician who has been working in the industry for several years has the experience to be able to get the job done without compromising on quality.  Therefore, for your reassurance, a genuine electrician will offer a warranty on their service. At Watts Next Electrical, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our electrical work, which means you can be sure you are paying for value that lasts a lifetime.

4. Never ignore the warning signs 

Our homes are filled with many electrical appliances. It only takes one outdated appliance or faulty wiring to cause a spark or burning smell. As a result, this could lead to a household electrical fire. It’s easy to dismiss common electrical hazards and delay getting them fixed by a professional. Here are some clear warning signs that it is time to call an electrician: 

  1. Sparks;
  2. Excess heating; 
  3. Burning smell; 
  4. Frayed or chewed wiring; 
  5. Flickering lights.

Ignoring any of these warning signs could be putting yourself and your family at risk.

5. Call an electrician before buying an old home 

If you are looking at buying an old home, you should be aware of the risk involved in terms of your electrical safety. If the home is more than 30 years old, it is likely it will need a complete re-wire. This is because the old wiring can be dangerous leaving residents exposed to electrical shocks or household fires. Calling an electrician to help assess the quality of the home’s current electrical systems before your buy can help provide clarity in regards to how much electrical work will need to be done to ensure the home is safe.

6. Turning off devices on standby will save you money

Only an electrician truly understands the financial impact of this simple task. They have witnessed first-hand the cost-saving benefits of switching off appliances on standby such as your printer, gaming consoles and stereos. Even when they are not in use, they are still using power and eating into your home electricity bill. This is especially the case if the device is old and inefficient, requiring excess power to run. Switching your appliances off at the powerpoint when you are not using them is a simple way to save a significant amount of money each year. 

Contact us to find out more about Home Automation – we can install powerpoints you can control from your phone!

7. We don’t repair all appliances 

While there are certainly some overlaps between appliance repairs and the work of an electrician, there are some appliances electricians simply aren’t trained to fix. These include fridges, TVs, washing machines, dishwashers and computers, which are unfortunately not in our area of expertise. While our team is always happy to take a look for you and can probably make a good judgment if it is time for a replacement, it is best to ask the experts. 

8. Judge by reviews, not by price

When you are looking to hire an electrician for the first time, it is important you don’t just choose the cheapest electrician available at the time. A quality electrician will charge you a fair price and will make an effort to recommend suggestions to improve the electricity efficiency of your home. Reviews are an excellent indicator as to whether the electrician delivers a quality service, as they come from the perspective of real customers. 

9. Inspect your electrical system and appliances 

By regularly inspecting and maintaining your electrical systems and appliances, you can be certain that your home electricity is as efficient as it can be. Think of electrical maintenance like servicing your car; fixing small issues before they escalate will avoid damage. Additionally, maintenance can save you money in the long term. This can be as simple as regularly checking there is no visible damage to your powerpoints, that no wiring is uncovered and testing that your smoking alarms are working. As a precaution, calling an experienced electrician to inspect your household electrical system will ensure your home is safe.

10. We want to help you

When you invite an electrician into your home, we have a lot of responsibility to ensure we leave your home as safe as possible. As a result, sometimes, what may seem like a simple job from the outset, can end up taking longer than expected. This is because additional work is required to ensure your home is safe and your family is protected from electrical hazards. 

Are you looking for an electrician who believes in electrical safety and education? Get in touch today.

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