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01 Sep, 2021
Posted by Watts Next Electrical
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Boost your work productivity with these 5 home office electrical hacks

Has the shift to the home office caused your productivity levels to decline? While trying to manage all disturbances around the home can be impossible, there are certainly some ways you can minimise distractions in order to stay focused. 

With the right electrical assistance, you can create a home office that brings functionality and productivity back into your life. 

Here are our five simple home office set-up tips, to help you regain focus and boost your productivity.  

1. Control your cables with sleeves or ties 

Is your desk quickly becoming a spider web of tangled cables? Luckily, there are ways to contain the knotted mess underneath your desk and boost your work productivity. The best way to avoid a tangled bundle of cables, cords and plugs is to first shorten the cable lengths. Then, bundle them neatly together and tuck them away.

To shorten the cable length, you can use a power board and cable sleeves or zip ties. In addition to being inconvenient, uncontrolled cables are also a serious tripping hazard. Therefore, they need to be organised neatly to prevent accidents. 

Simplifying your under-desk cable management and keeping the area tidy will allow your mind to be creative and stay on task. 

2. Balanced lighting will support your vision 

When you’re staring at a desktop screen all day, your eyes can quickly wear out. To avoid straining your eyes, your home office should have well-balanced lighting which supports you to complete a range of tasks.

Natural light is great on sunny days. However, a balance of both ambient and task lighting will support your eyes at other times. Using LEDs as opposed to halogen lights for both your ambient and task lighting is not only more energy efficient but can also help promote concentration. 

LED lighting comes with a range of options and the flexibility to adjust to suit your requirements. For example, if you frequently need to read and write on paper, LED strip lights that sit amongst your shelves or above your desk are an effective way to illuminate specific areas and help you see clearly.

3. Upgrade your outlets 

If you are using your home office more frequently, it might be time to upgrade your power outlets. The typical home office will use a variety of appliances including computers, printers, lamps, portable fans and chargers. 

Having an electrician install outlet upgrades and additions will ensure you have adequate power sources to handle all of your electrical appliances. Multiple outlets will allow you to multitask without disruption.

If you’re starting your home office from scratch, an electrician can help install your outlets in a functional way that suits your requirements. Making sure that each wall in the office has outlets is helpful. It will allow you to rearrange the space to accommodate a range of electrical equipment that is running at the same time. 

4. Assess your cooling system 

A comfortable environment is key to boost your work productivity. Whether you’re dripping in sweat or freezing cold while trying to work, naturally your focus will be shifted away from the task at hand. As the warmer seasons approach us, it is a good idea to assess your current air conditioning system.  

Older computers, printers and electrical appliances can generate significant heat and add to the warmth of your office temperature. Therefore, having ceiling fans installed in preparation for hot days can be an affordable solution. 

If you already have ceiling fans in your home office, Watts Next Electrical can perform an audit to ensure they are in working order, safe and energy-efficient. 

5. Call in the experts and boost your work productivity

The best way to ensure your home office is setting you up for success is to request an audit from a licensed electrician. They can make expert recommendations on upgrades and adjustments that can be made to improve your electrical setup. 

A licensed electrician is qualified to install, inspect and repair the electrical equipment and wiring for your home office. A genuine electrician will provide you with recommendations to improve your household safety and organise your electrical appliance. 

In addition, an experienced electrician like Watts Next Electrical will suggest ways to improve your energy efficiency, helping you to save on your next bill. If you’re using the home office more frequently, these expert recommendations can go a long way! 

Are you looking to maximise your office comfort, minimise distractions and keep your electricity bill under control? The Watts Next Electrical team would be happy to help! Give us a call on 0416 796 614.

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