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24 Hour Electrician - Professional & Prompt Service
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14 Nov, 2023
Posted by Watts Next Electrical
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Electrical Planning Tips for New Builds

Building or renovating your dream home is an exciting endeavour. While you may be focused on the structural design, decor and fittings, ensuring robust electrical planning is equally important for a functional, safe and future-ready home. This comprehensive guide provides key electrical planning considerations when constructing a new residence in Australia.


Collaborate with Electrical and Lighting Design Experts

Consult with a professional lighting designer and electrical engineer early in the planning process. A lighting designer helps plan appropriate fixtures for creating perfect ambiance in each room. Meanwhile, the electrical engineer ensures your power needs for lighting, appliances, climate control systems etc. are adequately met.


Incorporate Task Lighting

In addition to ambient overhead lighting, also incorporate dedicated task lighting. Task lights like pendant lamps over a kitchen island or desk lamps in home offices provide focused illumination for specific work areas. Position task lighting appropriately to avoid shadows.


Use Motion Sensor Lights for Security

Install motion sensor lights outdoors to enhance safety and security. Strategically place sensor spotlights along footpaths, the driveway, garden gates and other exterior access points. The lights will automatically turn on when movement is detected.


Illuminate and Highlight Entry Points

Adequate lighting by the main entryway creates an inviting first impression. Wall lights, a porch lantern and pathway lighting ensure guests can navigate the entrance safely.


Place Light Switches Intelligently

Light switches should be conveniently positioned for easy access as one enters or exits a room. Dimmer switches also allow adjustable control over lighting intensity and ambience.


Accommodate Festive Lighting Needs

If you decorate extensively for holidays, ensure your electrical plan accommodates the additional lighting load. Provide ample, easily accessible power points around the preferred Christmas tree location and for exterior holiday lights.


Size Electrical System for Heating and Cooling

Consider the electricity demand from your air conditioning, fans, heaters and other climate control systems. Choose adequate RCD or safety switches, wire gauges and connections to handle the peak load.


Pre-Wire for a Smart Home Security System

For enhanced safety, pre-wire your new home for an integrated security system during construction. This includes outlets and connections for surveillance cameras, motion detectors, alarms and other system components.


Minimise Reliance on Extension Cords

Strategically place sufficient power outlets in every room based on intended usage to reduce the need for unsafe daisy-chained extension cords. However, do include dedicated outlets near utility areas for plugging in vacuum cleaners.


Future Proofing with Smart Home Technology

Prepare your new home for modern smart home gadgets by incorporating ethernet cables, wireless access points for wifi boosting, ample power points, upgraded electrical panels and other forward-thinking design strategies recommended by your electrical engineer.

Proper electrical planning during construction lays the infrastructure for a safer, more functional home. Partner with accredited electrical designers to craft a plan tailored to your lifestyle needs and design aesthetic.

At Watts Next Electrical, our fully licensed electricians specialise in electrical design and installation for new residential builds and renovations. Contact us today to transform your vision into an optimally wired dream home.

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