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24 Hour Electrician - Professional & Prompt Service
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10 Nov, 2023
Posted by Watts Next Electrical
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Home Rewiring: Signs, Benefits, and What to Expect

Over time, your home’s electrical wiring system can degrade, posing serious risks like fires, shocks and electrocution. Knowing when to rewire your house along with what the process involves is key to ensuring your family’s safety. This guide covers the warning signs, benefits, and general expectations when rewiring a home in Australia.


Warning Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

Watch out for these common indicators that your electrical wiring needs replacement:


  • Frequent RCD or safety switches trips – If the RCD or safety switches trips regularly under normal use, the wiring may be overloaded. This leads to overheating that can start electrical fires.
  • Flickering lights – Lights that randomly flicker suggest loose, damaged or faulty wiring that needs inspection.
  • Burning plastic smell – A distinct burning odour emanating from outlets or switches likely means wires are overheating.
  • Electric shocks – Any tingling shock from touching appliances may indicate damaged wiring or inadequate grounding that requires immediate rewiring.
  • Hot outlets – If any outlet feels hot to the touch, it could be a sign of deteriorated internal wiring.
  • Old wiring – Outdated wire insulation tends to crack over 40-50 years, necessitating replacement.


Benefits of Rewiring Your Home

Rewiring delivers several advantages:


  • Enhanced electrical safety – Modern wiring eliminates risks of shocks, electrocution and fires.
  • Higher energy efficiency – Updated wiring enables (smart) energy saving capabilities to reduce electricity usage.
  • Improved power reliability – New wiring prevents blackouts, brownouts and electrical flickering events.
  • Compliance with regulations – Home rewiring ensures you meet the latest local wiring regulations and standards.
  • Increased property value – Updated electrical systems can boost your home’s resale value by up to 14%, according to Redfin.


What to Expect During the Home Rewiring Process


  • Assessment – A licensed electrician will thoroughly assess your current wiring to identify hazardous areas in need of replacement.
  • Planning – They will devise a rewiring plan tailored to your home’s size, power needs and layout.
  • Installation – The electrician will remove old wiring and replace it with new circuits and components meeting Australian standards.
  • Testing – Once installation is complete, the electrician will test all wiring connections under load to verify proper operation and safety.
  • Certification – Upon completion, you will receive a signed Electrical Safety Certificate to keep on file confirming your home’s wiring complies with regulations.

If you’ve observed any warning signs or suspect that your house needs rewiring, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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