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26 Feb, 2024
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How to install EV charging stations?

With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia, the demand for accessible and efficient charging solutions has never been greater. EV charging stations are crucial for EV owners, offering the convenience to charge your EV at home, workplace, or public parking spots. This guide aims to shed light on the installation process, ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.


What is the Procedure to Install an EV Charging Station?

The installation of an EV charging station involves several key steps. Initially, it’s essential to determine the most suitable location, considering factors such as proximity to your parking area and accessibility to a power supply. A dedicated circuit is recommended to prevent overloading and ensure a safe and efficient charging process.

Next, consulting with certified electricians who are experienced in EV charger installations is crucial. These professionals will assess your property’s electrical system, including the existing circuit breaker, to ensure it can support the additional load. They will also guide you through choosing the right type of charging station, such as Level 2 charging for faster charging times.


How are EV Chargers Installed?

EV chargers are typically installed by drilling and mounting the charging unit on a wall or a standalone pole near your designated parking area. The electrician will then connect the charger to your property’s electrical system, ensuring it’s linked to a dedicated circuit to manage the electricity bill effectively. Safety measures, including the installation of RCDs (Residual Current Devices), are also taken to protect against electrical hazards.


Can You Install an EV Charger Anywhere?

While EV chargers are relatively versatile, their installation is subject to certain constraints, such as the availability of a power supply and the need for a safe, practical location. For commercial properties or shared residential complexes, considerations like the Ocular charger partnered with the Exploren system ensure that the charger is connected to common property metering. This setup prevents overloading the building’s power and allows for the EV charger’s usage to be billed directly to the end-user, making the solution scalable and user-friendly.


The Ocular Charger and Exploren System: A Scalable Solution

The Ocular charger, when integrated with the Exploren system, offers a future-proof charging solution that safeguards against overloading and ensures direct billing of the real-time power consumption to the end-user. This system is designed to be scalable, allowing for additional chargers to be installed as the need arises, without compromising the building’s power infrastructure.



Installing an EV charging station is a significant step towards embracing the future of transportation. By understanding the installation process and collaborating with qualified professionals, you can ensure a seamless, safe, and efficient setup that meets your charging needs.

Ready to Power Up Your EV Charging Solutions?

At Watts Next Electrical, our team comprises accredited Level 2 Authorised Service Providers, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to your electrical projects. Specialising in challenging and high-risk installations, we guarantee precision, efficiency, and safety in every task we undertake. Let us help you connect, alter, and maintain your electrical infrastructure, ensuring your EV charging station is set up for success.

Explore our range of services and how we can assist with your EV charging station installation calling us at 0416 796 614. Together, we’ll drive towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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