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24 Hour Electrician - Professional & Prompt Service
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08 Nov, 2023
Posted by Watts Next Electrical
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Meeting Code Compliance: Common Electrical Mistakes to Avoid

Ensuring your home’s electrical system complies with the Australian National Electrical Code (NEC) is critical for household safety and efficiency. This article delves into common electrical mistakes, including ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), receptacle outlets, and electrical wiring, to help you avoid them.


1. Installation of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs):

GFCIs are essential for preventing electrical shocks. Neglecting to install them, especially in moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms, can be a significant code violation.

Tip: Regularly test your GFCIs to ensure they are functioning correctly.


2. Receptacle Outlet Placement:

Correct outlet placement is key for safety and functionality. Violations occur when outlets are too close together or improperly positioned.

Remember: Outlets should be every six feet in living areas!


3. Electrical Wiring and Junction Boxes:

Improper wiring and junction boxes pose fire risks. Ensure wires are secured and junction boxes are not overcrowded.

Warning signs of faulty wiring include flickering lights and burning smells.


4. RCD or safety switch Selection and Installation:

Choosing the right circuit breakers is crucial. Incorrect types or sizes can lead to overloads.

Fact: A circuit breaker trip can indicate an electrical issue.


5. Switchboard Maintenance:

Keep your electrical panel in check. Outdated or overcrowded panels are not just code violations but also potential hazards.

Benefits of rewiring your home include enhanced safety and energy efficiency.


6. Extension Cord Usage:

Avoid relying on extension cords long-term. This common mistake can lead to fire hazards.

Quick tip: Use extension cords only as a temporary solution.


7. Lighting Fixture Installation:

Proper installation of lighting fixtures is vital. Incorrect installation can cause malfunctions and safety risks.

DIY Advice: Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when installing fixtures.


8. Recognizing When Your House Needs Rewiring:

Understanding the warning signs that your house needs rewiring is crucial. Signs include frequent circuit breaker trips, electric shocks, and persistent electrical issues.


9. The Dangers of Electrical Fires:

Electrical fires can result from faulty wiring systems. Regular inspections can prevent these hazards.

Statistic: Electrical issues are a leading cause of house fires.


10. The Importance of Hiring Professionals:

Always contact qualified professionals for electrical work. DIY electrical projects can lead to serious risks and code violations.



Avoiding common electrical mistakes is key to ensuring your home’s safety and functionality. Regular inspections, testing, and professional assistance are essential.

Contact us today for a comprehensive electrical inspection. Ensure your home’s safety with proper maintenance and upgrades.

Ignoring your electrical problems could be fatal.

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