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24 Hour Electrician - Professional & Prompt Service

Specialised Safety Audit

Electrical safety audits saves lives.

The dangers associated with unchecked electrical hazards can be life-threatening. The Watts Next Electrical Specialised Safety Audit focuses on helping residents throughout Greater Sydney preempt their electrical issues, reducing the risk of exposure to a household electrical fire or electric shock, and assisting residents to stay in control of their household safety.

Our Specialised Safety Audit is more than a simple safety inspection. We will thoroughly examine the current electrical situation of your home or building, using our findings and electrical expertise to create a detailed report that outlines potential electrical threats, dangers, and necessary rectifications.


When to book a specialised safety audit?

Specialized safety audits for electrical points are crucial for various scenarios. They should be scheduled when renewing or obtaining insurance, before selling or renting a property, and before purchasing a property to identify and address potential hazards. Additionally, audits are essential after incidents or safety concerns arise. Regular maintenance and audits, even in the absence of specific triggers, help ensure ongoing compliance with safety standards. Major renovations or upgrades also warrant safety audits before and after the work. By proactively addressing electrical safety in these situations, property owners enhance compliance, reduce liability, and contribute to overall safety for occupants.


Our safety audit report includes:

  • A rating out of 100, scoring your overall level of safety.
  • A list of items that are non-compliant with electrical safety standards.
  • Photographs that pinpoint the areas of improvement.
  • Notes explaining the problem in layman’s terms.
  • Rectifications and actions required to fix each failed component.
  • A list that marks all electrical appliances as compliant/safe or non-compliant.

Book a safety audit and discover the benefits

Keep your family safe
Watts Next Electrical promotes long-term safety by avoiding further electrical damage caused by leaving dangerous hazards unmanaged.
Cut costs
We preempt unforeseen electrical problems, drawing attention to components that are noncompliant and recommending how to fix them.
Put your mind at ease
For residents living alone, the safety audit allows their loved ones to feel at ease that they are at low risk of an electrical fire.
Reduce downtime
By preempting electrical faults, you can avoid unexpected, costly and inconvenient electrical problems that can lead to downtime.
An unmatched level of safety expertise.
With a wealth of safety knowledge and expertise, Watts Next Electrical has developed a stringent process to identify early warning signs of electrical fires and help residents feel at ease.

For approximately 30-90 minutes, we will inspect your electrical situation, conduct tests, take photographs and record the results.

Post audit

The team will perform a thorough analysis of the findings, inspecting the photographs and collating the data from the test results.

Final report

We will score each electrical component based on its level of safety, clearly outlining non-compliant items and urgent safety concerns.

Keep yourself and your family safe.

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